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Nappy specializes in “beautiful photos of Black and Brown people.” Here you’ll see Black and Brown people living their lives — at home, at work, and everywhere else. Life of Pix even has a photographer directory that allows you to search photographers by name, view Instagram-like profile pages, and add them to your favorites. The rules of photography are taught to create great photos, but some rules are meant to be broken. The last time that photographic conceit worked was in 1998, when Alanis Morrisette released the “Thank U” video. It featured her peacefully standing nude in the middle of the street as the rest of the world zipped by in a blur.

To top it off, the site’s sizable database of photos is curated by a team of professionals to ensure quality and originality. Unsplash also provides a popular API that developers leverage to add quality photo searching to their apps and tools. For example, design tools, such as Figma and Sketch, have an Unsplash browser built-in.

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This site features only vintage photos from the public archives. StockSnap, a royalty-free, Creative Commons zero license image website, stocks stock photo is another bookmark to add to your list of free photo collections. The site’s photos were all acquired from private collections.

  • One downside — though Unsplash has many high-quality photos, the site’s popularity can be a detriment with many of these images appearing in other blogs and websites over and over.
  • If you’re looking for stock videos as well as photos, check out these stock photo websites that also include royalty-free video footage.
  • The site’s photos were all acquired from private collections.
  • If you’re looking for stock photography sites that are out of the ordinary, check out Gratisography, certainly one of the most innovative stock photo sites on the web.
  • Whether in magazines, catalogs, billboards, or websites, jumping people are everywhere.

If we believe that love is love, which I do, then let’s show it, not just hint at it. I’m glad that mainstream media depictions of relationships are no longer solely focusing on hetero couples. But wait, what about those tepid shots of two women or two men gazing at each other in that way that says “we’re gay”—but really doesn’t. Opening wide and posing with a gigantic burger—is another example.

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In the picture above, the girl is surrounded by flowers and is bathing in milk. The unusual use of these objects makes the picture look fantasy-themed and unique. If it seems too good to be true, you may end up paying a higher price later. If you’re on the hunt for photos with impeccable color palettes, composition, and impressive use of negative space, you’ll find more than a few on Kaboompics. This site was founded by talented photographer Karoline Grabowska and has over 17,000 exquisite photos, many of which are in the interior design and lifestyle category.

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With a gorgeous library featuring photos of trans and non-binary models, The Gender Spectrum by VICE promotes better representation in stock photography. Get creative, experimental, and weird with these unique stock photo collections. Fill your designs with brilliant visuals from these 17 free stock photo websites we’ve collected and categorized for you. Enjoy millions of royalty free stock photos, video templates, audio & more with Envato Elements.