Todays challenges, tomorrow solutions

About Us

Solver Plus was established in the January 2014 by a team of professional specialists from various backgrounds in the corporate world, providing the company with a broad spectrum of business knowhow.

Our services can enhance your ability to communicate interactively with your audience, entice and capture the first impression, and offer usable features that help simplify the process. Our team likes to be challenged, so don’t shy away from asking us to tackle those hard or “impossible” tasks. Instead, contact us right away.

Our Value

Within the coming 5 years, Solver Plus became the best choice for organizations to support them with technologies and business solutions

Enable individuals and organizations to reach their objectives, increase their productivity and quality by utilizing innovative technology with pole of expertise

Why Solver Plus

Professional Team

Solver Plus is a composite of highly professional team of developers, everyone has a rich experience in technology; worked on many projects and they gained much experience in development. They are all team players with quickly solving problems and that is a key for main success

Fast Service

Solver Plus provide fast service and realize your project on time. Our team experience can help in giving you the right support on the right time.

Quality & Effeciency

We believe improving quality and transforming efficiency are one and the same. Achieving this means understanding the resources available – the people, processes and systems which come together to make an organisation work, and can contribute to success in our clients business.

Any Time Support

We provide any time support in any stage of our clients project. This also applied after project closing, we are always ready to support our clients whenever they need us.